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Business Financial Planning

Our areas of expertise, advising small and medium size businesses in the following Planning areas:

  • Pension Plans - non-qualified, split dollar, deferred compensation 
  • Retirement Plans - qualified, 401k, sep, simple ira, profit-sharing
  • Profit Distribution Planning
  • Employee Benefit Insurance Plans
  • Corporate Investment Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Business Succession Planning

Pension Plans, Retirement Plans and Profit Distribution Planning

Set-up and review qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Perhaps the least understood aspect of owner / executive compensation is non-qualified retirement planning. Many are not aware non-qualified plans offer business owners and top executives tax-favored savings opportunities without requiring matching funds for employees. Our extensive background in business planning along with our legal and tax partners make non-qualified planning a specialty area for the firm.

Employee Benefit Insurance Plans

RFSI's partners provide meticulous review of the marketplace to make sure each plan strikes a balance between cost and coverage. This pro-active research for the best alternatives, coupled with access to the most competitive Insurance Carriers are examples of why our client retention record is so high. We partner with the most reputable carriers to bring our clients group products such as health, life, dental and disability insurance.

Corporate Investment Management

Management of Short Term Corporate Asset Accounts with high liquidity needs. Investment in high interest bearing assets with minimal risk. Access to asset based not "transaction driven" compensation arrangements where the assets are free of withdrawal penalties or sales loads.

Tax Strategies

Business owners face decisions every day that carry important tax implications for their companies. From tax deferral strategies to more basic compensation and tax reduction strategies, we can help minimize your tax risk and exposure, as well as help identify ways to reduce your overall tax responsibilities.

Business Succession Planning

Our goals are the maximization of wealth transfer to your loved ones and responsible fulfillment of any business succession or transition strategies.