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Investment Management

Ratcliff Financial Services Inc. is an independent wealth management firm. Our accounts are managed through our broker/dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Brokerage execution and technical services are performed by an industry leader, Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Bank of New York was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784, BNY is the oldest Bank in the USA and has $2.2 Trillion under management. As an independent firm we have the freedom to spend the time necessary to manage your account to its fullest potential. This provides an environment without conflict of interest and a best decision scenario for the client. We base our decisions on what the client needs, not what the firm wants. The client truly does come first. As an independent firm, we are not restricted on our investment selection. We choose what is best for the client.

The accounts are managed in a fee based environment. The percentage based fee amount depends on the account balance. This management style and fee arrangement aligns the motivations of the Advisor with the desired outcome of the Client.

At RFSI we have limited the number of client we will take on in order to offer full attention to the clients we do have. To foster this "always available" environment we have set our account minimum at $750,000 to open a new account.

Brian Ratcliff is an Investment Adviser Representative. While there are many financial professionals to select from, Investment Advisers Representatives are fiduciaries for advisory business under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. A fiduciary is required to act in the best interest of the client. This requires a specific type of securities registration that not all investment professionals have. RFSI clients have access to fee only asset based non "transaction driven" compensation arrangements including institutional mutual funds that are not normally available to the general public.

Services include:

  • Economy based research and market analysis based on independent non-biased sources
  • Consideration given to all aspects of investing with a financial planning perspective
  • Personalized portfolio management system
  • Active management of each account
  • Risk assessment with personalized asset allocation recommended for each client